Latest Weapon Ejection Technology:

ALKAN, leader in carriage, release and ejection systems dedicated to combat, training, maritime patrol aircraft, helicopters and UCAV

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Our Company

Since 1923, when it was founded by Robert Alkan, ALKAN is the leader in carriage, release and ejection systems for military aeronautics. We develop and produce equipment designed to interface the aircraft and the stores. We provide either release or ejection of the stores depending on the type of aircraft.


ALKAN uses various ejection techniques : pyrotechnic, pneumatic and hydraulic, which enables to find the most appropriate solution depending on the airframe manufacturer's spacing conditions.
ALKAN equipment is designed to match the most stringent operational requirements, and to provide to the End Users the lowest Life Cycle Costs associated with reduced maintenance efforts.

Research and Development

ALKAN provides a technology watch service and is continually searching for innovating technologies and concepts. ALKAN is totally focused on design, development, testing and manufacturing the most modern solutions.


Alkan acts as a partner with aircraft manufacturer teams and government agencies such as the French DGA, the US Army and Navy, Dassault Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, MBDA, HAL, SAAB, and many more, all over the world.